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Each motor, blower, compressor, ventilation system or pump can be adapted and customized to meet your specifications, along with ODM and OEM Services. Those primarily cover automation, life environment, automotive, health & wellness, robotics and space industries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to be directed to the right product for your needs.

Plexmotion ADVANCE

Low-profile in-wheel motors
CAIW series
Low-profile hollow brushless motors
CBA-JHWC series
Electric 3-jaw robot hand
ARH series
Lightweight, low-profile servo actuator
CBA-50FFF-T49 system
Frameless Motor
for collaborative robots
Low Profile Wheel Drive Unit
with Reduction Gear

Plexmotion SSA

Stepping motors with integrated controller/driver SSA series
Stepper motor with integrated controller
SSA-TR series
Stepping motor with integrated speed controller
SSA-VR series
Stepper motor with integrated driver
SSA-PR/PE series

Plexmotion P-PMS

Stepping motors with integrated controller/driver P-PMS series
Stepper motors & geared stepper motors
P-PMS series
Hollow stepper motor
P-PMS series
Models with stepper motor encoder P-PMS Series (models with encoder)

Plexmotion Specifics

BLDC Motors and Micropumps
30 W DC brushless motor and driver set CBA-30 series
PPL series

All our products can be customized for your specific needs. With over 9000 motor models and more then 2000 customers served, ASPINA is one of the world leading companies for drive systems, motors, pumps, ventilation and other applications. If you are interested contact us today for your sample or free consulting.

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