Questions from our Partners

Everything you need to know
What is Plexmotion?

Plexmotion is a new brand of standard product motor sales offered by ASPINA (Shinano Kenshi), which has continued to focus on motion control. We provide products with the functions customers want with individual manufacturings, high quality and low time delivery.

How can I purchase a product?

You can contact one of our japanese agencies which distribute our product or contact ASPINA Europe directly.

What is the CosmoAPP?

CosmoAPP is a dedicated application for operating programmes.
Please find a description of the application in the link below.

What is needed to run the motor?

A power supply unit, USB to RS485 converter and PC (Windows) are required. The SSA-TR series is available as a power supply unit and USB to RS485 converter set.

What Products does Plexmotion offer?

Plexmotion offers a variety of products for your solutions in motion: for example the Plexmotion ADVANCE series, Stepping motors with integrated controller/driver SSA series, P-PMS series, Micropumps & BLDC motors. We are also experienced in prototyping and ODM-Service.

Who can I contact if I have questions to the product?

You can contact one of our japanese distributers or ASPINA Europe directly if you have questions to our product, details or purchase information.